Vampyri And their Laws.

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Vampyri And their Laws. Empty Vampyri And their Laws.

Post  VladeŢepeş on Sat Apr 09, 2011 3:52 pm

Of you that know The true myths of Vampires I guarantee Hollywood filled your knowledge with lies.


1.)Long exposure to sunlight weakens the powers of the Vampyri, Over exposure can result in death.
2.) Garlic is simply an herb, no side effects
3.) Wolfsbane (Monkshood) An European Herb that is toxic to Humans, lycauns, It repels and is used to protect against Them. Licorice is the repelent and killer of Vampyri
4.) They require an invite to enter a house unless its a public location (hotel, inn...ect)
5.) Consecrated ground should be avoided by the weaker Vampyri
6.) The only grave you can rest in is your own, Other graveyards will result in possession
7.)A Vampyri bite alone does nothing, to be turned the victim must drink from the vampire (just one way of many).
8.) Must sleep in the soil buried in.
9.) Obsessive with counting.
10.) Silver is a metal that burns use and can kill whether the wound be fatal or not.
11.) Religious symbols, The older the more powerful, But in this category Ignorance is Bliss, If you know not what it is it can't hurt you.
12.) Can't drink Dead blood.
13.) Must Drink Human blood
14.) Holy water is like sulfuric acid it burns
15.) Vampire must be decapitated, then have there body stuffed with Wolfbane, quartered, then burnt in 4 different places to defiantly destroy it.
16.) Bottom Line, Vampires are hell bound period.
17.) Fangs are not needed.
18.) Sunlight doesn't instantly disintegrate you, it hurts more and takes longer.
19.) Vampires can communicate with all animals and shipshape into a few
20.) A stake in the heart is a good killing method, but easily missed
21.) Government creates cloaking methods to protect vampires my brain washing everyone. eg. Twilight
22.) Vampires can not physically break the Vampyric laws.
23.) A Vampyri is bound to the person whom turned them, if their master dies before the new Vampyri feeds then The Vampyri that were turned revert to human.
24.) Vampyri Blood will not sustain you therefore you can not live upon it.
25.) Vampyri and their close cousins the Lycauns are swore enemies, as are they Brothers in Blood, It is forbiddden to ever kill a Lycaun for personal gain or Food.
26.) In extreme cases the Vampyri who breaks the laws will be tried, then eradicated if guilty.

NOTE: I made 0% of this up. Don't believe me? Research!

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