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Post  VladeŢepeş on Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:13 am

Protogenoi: In Greek mythology the Prôtogenoi (pl.; Gr. Πρωτογενοι, sing. Protogenos) are a genealogy of primordial Greek gods, the name literally means "first born" or "primeval" and are a group of deities born in the beginning of the universe.

The Protogenoi are the first entities or beings that come into existence. They form the very fabric of the universe and as such are immortal. The Prôtogenoi are a group of gods from which all the other gods descend.

Although generally believed to be the first gods produced from Chaos, some sources mention a pair of deities who were the parents of these Prôtogenoi. These deities represent various elements of nature. Chaos has at times been considered, in place of Ananke, the female consort of Chronos.

These are the gods who make up the Prôtogenoi:

Chaos (Void) - genderless (sometimes poetically female)

Phanes (Appearance) or Himeros or Eros elder (Procreation) or Protogonos (the First Born) – male
Phusis (Nature) or Thesis (Creation) – female
Erebus (Darkness) – male
Aether (Light) – male
Thalassa (Sea) – female
Hemera (Day) – female
Nyx (Night) – female
Ananke (Compulsion) – female
Chronos (Time) – male
Gaia (Earth) – female
The Ourea (Mountains) – male
The Nesoi (Islands) – female
Uranus (Heaven) – male
Tethys (Fresh Water) – female
Oceanus (Ocean) or Hydros (Water) – male
with Aether

Pontus (Water, the Seas) – male
Tartarus (the great stormy Hellpit, which was seen as both a deity and the personification) – male

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